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Here’s the kickoff…

I guess it would be appropriate to post a blog on the first day of classes for the last time [here]. The next time there will be a bit of a role reversal. That is a mixed emotive thought for me.

When I picked my books up, there was a recorder [yes, like the instrument] in the bag. I almost questioned its place there, but then quickly realized that I might need to charm some snakes throughout the semester. Their rising population in Clark County seems to be of epidemic proportion. Maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration.

I have Dr. Motl for a class and was surprised by how much I enjoyed his use of vocabulary, the animation in his face and the fluctuation of his voice. Are those strange things to enjoy? I almost felt as if I was watching a comedic show for intellectual people, of course.

Other news includes the fact that I am now in the hallowed halls of Maddox. It is rather spacious, compared to that of which I have had in the past. There is also the lack of cockroaches, thank you Jesus. Our living room has a Morroccan theme because of Katy’s travels. I’m enjoying it very much. The people are lovely, too.

Nathan is here, bringing an atomic size burst of energy with him everywhere he goes. I am glad he is loving it though. It is just as I have hoped, except there are twice as many phone calls than I had anticipated asking about the mundane. The job of being an older sister has its perks, along with its downfalls, but mostly perks.

4 thoughts on “Here’s the kickoff…”

  • You’re right about the snakes.  I had to chase one out of the campus ministries mixer during WoW.  It was a baby and non-poisonous, but I could have used you back there with that recorder.

  • My mom’s side of the family is Irish, so we appreciate you honoring our favorite Saint.
    “One ticket to Morocco, please. Seat by the window.”-Penny Lane
    Hope to see you tomorrow.

  • If I hadn’t already read your comment on Beth’s xanga, then I’d have re-read looking for a saint, too.

    Do good by those snakes, catchytunes. We’re all counting on you. Also, you should learn to play some 80s rock ballads on that recorder. Just a thought.

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