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Harborth Holiday Home Tour

Harborth Holiday Home Tour

untitled (1 of 19)I’ve been meaning to do this all month, but this month has flown by. Today we celebrated Christmas with my dad’s family and it was so fun to host. This also means our house was clean and I had a chance to snap some photos. It’s been fun to tweak and fluff up our home for the holiday season. It was also fun to pull out my nice camera again.

The lady who lived here before us left an attic full of vintage glass ornaments. I had fun arranging a few on the mantle. Also, please note we have big plans for redoing the fireplace. I’m not a fan of the pink tile. I am a FAN of the beadboard wall paper I put up behind all the shelves. Love little details that make a statement!

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Just some shelf showcasing since I’ve never done that before.

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This built-in china cabinet is all sorts of glorious. Can we say “love”?  #allthehearteyes

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The art teacher at school is super talented and painted this window for us as a tribute to my first car.

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Love making regular household decor festive like this bike with the berries and garland in its basket. Those trees are pretty fun too!

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My sweet neighbor had a painting party and we painted these stocking door hangers.

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This nativity was one of my favorite and prized gifts. I received it for Christmas the first year we were married.

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My tree wouldn’t fit in the washtub, so filling it with ornaments will have to do!

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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These Norman Rockwell postcards made the perfect seasonal bunting and my theory is that one can never have too much bunting!

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So so so glad to finally have room in our home for this church pew too. It’s been bringing me joy for a while now.

Thanks for stopping by for our holiday home tour! Merry Christmas!

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