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generation z

the leaves are changing and the weather is cold.
this is my favourite time of year.
its also sniffle season. i’ve never seen so many snot-nosed 4-year olds. i’m also doing a study on the art of picking scabs. its a pre-k phenomenon. i think the prospect of receiving a band-aid is a huge incentive.
there is also a dress up center in the corner of the room filled with lots of fun “occupational” costumes (postman, fireman, police officer). Then today the teacher added several “trucker” hats to the collection. in the midst of their free play time, i look up to see two boys, with these hats turned backwards no less, doing the slouch and sway walk chanting” wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup?” i might have seen a deuce thrown.
i want to be cool like that.[turns hat backwards]

4 thoughts on “generation z”

  • haha  I laugh at the mental images this conjurs every time I come across it in my subscriptions browser (yessss, I browse my subscriptions far more often than people actually make new posts), so I figured it deserved a comment by now. Beth’s comment also makes me chuckle.

  • Realizing I had not yet replied to your comment (sorry): Yes. Thanksgiving will be celebrated over heres by my fellow Americans and myself. Although I am not in charge of festivities, I believe it will involve lots of turkey and dressing just like in the Land of the Free. It did last year, at least!

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