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dear barrett

dear barrett

Dear Barrett,

My first Mother’s Day is Sunday thanks to YOU. You made me a mother. Trying not to get all sorts of emotional over here.. Thanks pregnancy hormones!

It’s going by so fast. Hard to believe that we are already 28 weeks along in this gig. It seems like just yesterday we were finding out about you in the ER (yep, it’s true…MOST expensive pregnancy test EVER). You have moved quite a bit these past few weeks and you’re getting stronger every day. Somersaults, kicks, all sorts of good things that I KNOW I’m going to miss once you’re here. We are SO thrilled to meet you though.

I was standing in your room earlier imagining you and what you will be like, all the memories we are going to make together. I reminded myself that you are such a gift of grace. Each day we have with you is a gift. We don’t want to take that for granted. I’m praying I remember that when you track mud in the house or talk back. Neither of us will be perfect, you nor I. So I pray we will have grace with each other.

I have all these aspirations to be a “great” mom, but really more than anything I want you to know how fiercely loved you already are by both your dad and I. You are even more loved by our Heavenly Father and we are praying BIG things for you, bud.

You’ll have to be patient with me, as I’ll probably want to photograph you A LOT. Sorry in advance if you get tired of my teacher voice. You should love reading with all the stories you hear each day. I can’t wait to snuggle in your bed with you at night and read together. Your dad will teach you all about birds, campfires, and landscaping. He will show you how to kick a football and y’all will have the best time playing with Max. I can’t wait to see how your relationship grows. We will start special traditions and share laughs over silly things. It is such fun to dream big dreams about you.

We are praying that you will know how much the Lord loves and cares for you. That one day you’ll grow into the man God has for you to be. We pray for ourselves too, that the Lord will provide exactly what we need to parent you well in this ever-changing world. We trust and know that His plan is perfect.

You are already SO loved… even if you’ve given me a few gray hairs. We pray that we will be an example of His love to you. We can’t wait to share all the ways He’s been faithful to us, including this beautiful story of You.

Love you so much,

p.s. See you in July!

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