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ambitionally challenged

its not that i lack ambition, i fear that i have too much.
i want to do it all, and why can’t i?
the newest aspiration is that of the librarian kind.
i think i own enough cardigans to qualify.
who can supply me with some horn-rimmed glasses?

i am thinking of writing a book called:
The Perks of Having a Brother who is the College Freshman Heartthrob
-Freshman girls love being your friend. You soon realize they’d rather be your brother’s girlfriend.
-When you meet new people, they ask if you’re related to Nate and make some comment about his hottness.
-Friends of smitten girls approach you to see who your brother is crushing on lately. They also become “crushed” when they discover he’s not looking for a relationship right now.
-You sometimes feel like a you’re starring on a show on MTV.
-You always remember that you have it best because he always asks for your opinion,
and that makes putting up with silly girls well worth it.

I really do love having him here. I just never thought girls would be so crazy obsessed.
I’ll be sure to report back how much he goes for at the XXX date auction tonight.

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