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so this weekend was interesting. 
on saturday, we went to Cheddar’s and there was a ladybug, i repeat a ladybug in my salad.  a dead one, but ladybug no less.  anyway, the food came out late too and we got the entire meal free anyway.   which was kinda cool.  and nathan’s baseball team is going to the playoffs.  which is really cool…not just kinda. 
um, i sang really loud in my car on the way back to ouachita.  and the people passing by were probably calling the psychotic hotline, but that’s okay. 
today, at church, the flowers were dedicated to my grandmother.  today was her birthday. and the flowers were beautiful.  it is hard to believe that it has been eleven years.  i miss her. 
anyway, i started my favorite book again.  anne and i picked up right where we left off..and i had forgotten how much i love her.   we’re kindred spirits. 
so currently, i have to go because mary-kate and ashley are on tv. 
two weeks.  let’s make the most of it. 
considering i won’t see some of you for three months. 

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