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george winston is a piano genius. 
his music seems to make everything else fade. 
today was a good day.  i had a date with my grandad
and his lady friend, joyce.  they brought me cookies
that my mom had made. if you’d like one, i have plenty.
according to the psychologist erikson, i should have
figured out who i am by july 8th.  this stage of
identity vs. role confusion only goes to age 20. 
i just don’t if that’s gonna happen or not.  more so
the next stage frightens me. intimacy vs. isolation. 
do i want to let people in?
intimacy involves finding oneself yet losing oneself in others. 
i think its worthy to ponder or even marvel at the beauty of the statement. 
my grandad cracks me up.  he told me i needed to quit doddling around
and find someone.  that time was running out.  yikes.  i sure hope not, grandad.
of course, i wouldn’t mind the boy he picked out for me though. 
all in due time i believe.  7 finals baby, and 2 projects in the next seven days. 
see you on the sunny side.

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  • my grandparents introduce me as the old maid of the family. it’s funny, but it kinda stings at the same time. grandpa has my future husband picked out, and his mom and my grandpa have been trying to set us up for about 5 years now. i wouldn’t mind giving it a try if i saw him more than one day a year.

    i like your posts a lot. good luck with finals! miss ya much

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