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my theory on friendship.

decided that I have this theory on friendship that is all based on the
simple question, “How are you?”  When an acquaintance asks how you are
doing, most likely you will respond with a generic answer such as fine
or good.  Funny thing is  that if someone you know well asks the same,
your answer seems to differ entirely.  Also, there are in-between
friends who you might just describe your day as alright or okay.  I
think this is partly because we are a guarded society, as not to let
people know too much about ourselves.  Another thing I feel is that we
don’t share our stressful days with acquaintances because we’d hate to
burden them with our petty problems.  It’s funny how the closest of
friends seem to help you carry your burdens through life.  All the
while those in-between friends show concern by asking about your
current emotional state, which you mostly decide to keep to yourself,
by just letting them know it hasn’t been the best of days.  We are all
in each of these categories for each individual we know.  Everytime
someone asks how I’m doing, I automatically think about my friendship
with them, and how interesting it is that I respond so differently to
friends.  These are my thoughts at the moment.

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