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10 reasons i think beth is amazing:
10.she knows everything about pop culture.  and i used to not believe this, but after hearing the most random pop culture references, i know this is true. 
09.she has the best story-telling voice ever.  she could make moby dick exciting. 
08.her fortencia impression : if you haven’t heard it, you need to. 
07.she taught me how to knit, and now i’m addicted. 
06.she is a great writer.  she knows how to make a story worth reading.
05.America’s Next Top Model…beth has been taking notes.  she wins for best runway walk/tyra impression.
04.she’s loves her some office, kanye west, britney spears, jo.bros, scrubs, and john mayer. she also loves drake bell and knows almost as much, if not more about hannah montana than i do…just because i like it so much. 
03. her love for judaism and jewish boys.  havah, havah, negelia… 
02.Jesus is one of her best friends. 
01. she is one of the most incredible people i’ve ever met.  and she has such a wonderful heart. 

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