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we passed a vacant lemonade stand today.
i immediately regressed to my childhood,
even though i never sold lemonade on the side of the street.
i suddenly wished it wasn’t vacant.
lemonade sounds good.

our freezer broke. the theory is that it happened a couple of days ago
and all of the food has just been chilling in there.
it was rather hectic
rearranging things.
and we had shrimp for breakfast.

our sewing machine has become my new best friend.
i’ve made curtains, t-shirt pillows, and a checkbook cover.

i enjoy dying my hair without telling my mother
this is why.

mom: your hair looks darker. did you..did you do something to it?
me: yes.
mom: you did?
me: yes, i dyed it.
mom: when? when did you dye it?
me: this morning.
mom: How come you never tell me beforehand?
me: because i knew you would say, “don’t dye it. i like it just the way it is.”
mom: . . . . well, it looks good.

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  • I never sold lemonade but I did have a sno cone stand in my friend Kellie’s front yard. Yes, yoga. I want to be really good at it because I’m pretty flexible and wouldn’t it be cool to just throw my foot behind my head whenever?

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