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why are churches still segregated?

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  • because when it comes to religion, people are more prone to attend churches where they feel comfortable, and more often than not they feel comfortable in the churches where they grew up.  that’s why catholics are usually uncomfortable in pentecostal settings and southern baptists in catholic settings and so on and so forth.  we are creatures of habit.

  • I attended the Catholic cathedral in LA a few times. It was by far the most ethnically diverse worship time I’ve ever been a part of. I wonder if it isn’t as simple as tradition. Catholicism can’t be black or white or any other color. It’s worship style doesn’t belong to any single race. It’s too ancient, for one thing, to reflect any notion of a modern culture besides a simply Catholic one. I feel like all our evangelical denominations and traditions are so determined by culture that diversity doesn’t really have a chance. It’s true, like Nick said, that we’re creatures of habit. But the problem with that is that our habits are either white American or black American or anything-else American, but not universally Christian.


  • You know this because you’ve been to my church, but we got a black pastor at our 99.9% white church last year and it’s shaken things up (I think in a good way.) It took some time to get used to marathon sermons or audience participation, but people are really starting to come around. It’s nice to look around and see people who don’t look like me. We’ve made good progress but we’ve still got a long way to go.

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