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monday posts are all the rage these days?

i can’t think of anything witty or intriguing to say,
so what if i show you beautiful things i
love instead…


is it any surprise that i would post a bird illustration?


my favorite tree in arkadelphia.


note heart on sleeve.


and this is where i confess my undying love for typewriters.


birds knitting! i giggle everytime i look at this.


the outcome of individuals having way too much fun at work is clever purposeful items such as umbrella people.

until we meet again, ciao.

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  • Everybody knows Monday is the best day to update xanga. I loved your pictures, I’m confident you’re the only person I could call a bird brain and it would be considered a compliment. (It was intended as a compliment, sorry if that’s confusing.) I will teach you the run-jump-click.

  • hey..i uh, find my way here through my feedback log! man, I really REALLY love the pics of the birdies!
    did you draw them? if not where did you find them? can i go look at the source too?


  • i like visiting other people’s xangas. it’s a nice way to meet people through here.
    my husband and i met on xanga he found me through the c.s. lewis blogring.
    i showed him the etsy website yesterday and then he pointed to our bookmarks and told me “i already had it saved for you.”
    no wonder it seemed familiar when i first came to it.
    thanks for pointing me to it!

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