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i better update you, my fellow bloggers.
student teaching is hard work.
moments that make it wonderful
include hugs and smiles and laughter.

hey, i’m about to make a pop culture reference…gasp.
i confiscated a burn book today from a fourth grader.
in what circumstances, does this ever present itself to be a good idea?

on the complete opposite end of the spectrum,
i made some friends at golden living nursing home.
can i just say that i experience no greater joy than when i am there?
i want to make a documentary or write a book,
but nothing seems like it would be able to portray
the beauty there.

side note: i’m pretty stoked about nick flora’s new album.

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  • I’m so proud of the “Mean Girls” reference. Next time you find a burn book yell, “I can’t go to taco bell Karen (or whatever the kids’ name is) I’m on an all carb diet. Gah, you are SO STUPID!” That’s my favorite line in the movie. 

    Come here NOW.

  • The tour will most likely be at the end of Feb.  I think as of right now there are 3 Arkansas dates on it.  ha.

    The cd’s will be shipped out next weekend.  So hopefully by Monday (2/9) it will be in your mailbox.  *fingers crossed*

    We are still planning on moving but not to arkansas, sadly.  We pushed back our start date of travel nursing to April and will most likely be headed to California.  We’re going to be at Lane and Sara’s wedding though.  Wouldn’t miss it!
    Soooo…that means that you have 2 months to plan a trip to Nashtown if you want.  You’ve got a place to stay and a tour guide, so come on!

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