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beach reach
i have found that knowing about things and experiencing things are completely different. in fact, i have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. satan is very real. satan is also very powerful. we talked about spiritual warfare a lot before we left arkadelphia, but i never imagined encountering such a strong dose of it while being down in panama city. satan attacked our thoughts and our bodies. i never understood how powerful prayer could be until i was praying against satan, praying for peace.
on the first day of pancake breakfast, i encountered a holylist. also the whole motive behind this trip was to show love to complete strangers, but i did not quite know what i was getting myself into at the time. she began to ask questions about our intentions for the week and i began to explain. once she realized that we differed on several key beliefs, she began to belittle and attack my faith. what is interesting to me now is how i did not waiver in my faith. instead of being frightened by her words, i became more secure.
i was overwhelmed by the power of specific prayer, prayer for unreasonable, illogical things. in order for you to understand everything that happened, you must know how beach reach works. there are three parts to beach reach: street teams, van rides, and prayer room. when out on street teams, i discovered the lack of value people have for themselves and others and it broke my heart. i can only imagine how much it hurts God’s heart since they are his creation. girls were extremely defensive when we approached them and to be honest, i don’t blame them. i began to pray for instant trust from girls on the street, that i would be able to love them. this is where gina comes into the picture. she was standing with her friends in the parking lot of spinnakers, a nightclub down there. she was upset because of the name-calling she encountered in the club. i had the honor of loving her, genuinely loving her. we talked for about twenty minutes, but then her free van ride came. as i prayed that week for gina, she was able to run into more beach reachers. it was truly amazing to see how we are all a different part of the story. the body of Christ was made real to me.
i felt closer to God in panama city. sometimes here i become too dependent on myself. i figure i have it all together and do not completely rely on God. there i had nothing together, except God. as of right now, i am striving to restore that necessity back into my life. it is easy to become compliant with routine and the security we put into our everyday lives. i wonder what it would be like if i really did trust God for my needs, instead of always being so secure in my ability to meet them.
i have a million more thoughts i could share.
this verse has been on my mind as of late.
the Lord gives strength to his people;
the Lord blesses his people with peace.

psalm 29:11

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