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I think I am going to do a series of bios on my students
because six-year olds are really funny. Well, I find them to be really funny.

Let me preface my first bio by saying that I never realized how many rhinestones are on little girls’ clothing until I met this child. I have a boy in my class who is obsessed with collecting what he calls “jewels” or “crystals.” These are really just rhinestones that have fallen off a girl’s Hannah Montana shirt or iCarly bling jeans. Today we had an award assembly and you would have thought he was in jewel heaven. The entire first grade was in the gym which means these “jewels” were in abundance. Unfortunately, Ms. Wade is probably known as the jewel thief. I took all the jewels he had collected away from him, in effort for him to sit still. If you know any first grade boys, you know that this was a failed attempt. They are wired to fidget and move 24/7. I think its genetically impossible for them to sit still. I always get amusement from these never-ending jewel quests (i.e. a trip to the bathroom, group time on the rug). Anytime he sees something shiny on the ground, he asks if he can check to see if it is a jewel. Its like he has a radar for all things that glisten on the ground. So as much as he might misbehave, I have a soft spot for this insane jewel fetish.

Edit: Perhaps this is because I had a used staple collection in kindergarten. I would collect them during naptime instead of sleeping. My favorite place being right beside the teacher’s desk.

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